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HONSHU - So many other resorts!

During the Japanese economic bubble of the 80’s and 90’s  skiing was taken up with a passion by the Japanese. Over this period hundreds of ski resorts were built, many have survived the economic bust times and remain secret and amazing!

Of these only the best have survived ! This plethora of ski resorts and the fantastic public transport makes Japan perfect for an awesome ski safari!

Ask our MAD travel guru’s for the best recommendations for your holiday



Best of Nagano

5 nights Hakuba or Shiga Kogen, 5 nights Myoko Kogen, 4 nights Nozawa Onsen - This tour is a really nice mix and takes in a huge resort, a medium sized resort and finishes off with a Japanese style small resort.


West meets East

7 days Hakuba, 4 days Nozawa onsen - This combination gives you the best variety of western style and Japanese style ski resorts.


Heading up the spine

3 days Zao Onsen, 3 days Geto Kogen, 3 days Shizukuishi, 3 days Iwate Kogen, 3 days Appi Kogen, 3 days Hakkoda, 3 days Aomori Springs - This safari heads right up the mountainous spine of Japan and takes in a bunch of resorts on the way. Transport is by bullet train or rental car to get you truly off the beaten path. These resorts get some of the best snow in the world!


The best of Gunma and Yuzawa

7 days Gunma ski resorts, 7 days Yuzawa ski resorts. 2 weeks off the beaten path experiencing some of the best snow in Japan. 



Don’t bother taking duty free into Japan as local alcohol is cheap and excellent.

Public transport is easy, on time and a great way to get around, but for the best safari consider hiring a car in Japan its not cheap but it is convenient, our Travel guru’s know the best suppliers and deals for this.

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