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Image by Graham Meyer
Antarctica - Where the meaning of adventure lives on!

Skiing, hiking, sea kayaking, wildlife watching, Antarctica has it all!

There are two main area’s of Antarctica accessible to the independent traveller.


1. The Antarctic Peninsula. 

This area is accessed from Ushuaia at the bottom end of Argentina.  You can join any number of small cruise ships from Ushuaia and traverse the relatively narrow Drake Passage to the peninsular. This limits the amount of time spent in the extremely rough Southern Ocean. 


Once you're past 60 degrees south, you’re in relatively sheltered waters and free to explore the many national research bases, view the wildlife or simply gaze at the glaciers and incredible scenery.

Activities range from skiing to sea kayaking depending on the type of cruise you’d like to partake in. Cruises can also take in the Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands and South Georgia (where Ernest Shackleton is buried). Talk to our Mad Travel Guru’s to find the best cruise for you!

2. Ross Island, McMurdo Sound and the Ross Dependency.

Visit Scott Base, McMurdo base and the historic huts of Scott and Shackleton.

A less frequent and much more serious journey. This area is accessed from either Lyttleton or Hobart and entails around a 2 week journey on an ice breaker through the Southern Ocean.

Cruises often take in some of the Sub-Antarctic Islands such as, The Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island and Campbell Island. 


Once down in the Antarctic the history, wildlife and opportunities to visit the bases are awesome.  Talk to our Mad Travel Guru’s to find the best cruise for you!


Book early and combine your trip with a South American adventure.

Choose your cruise carefully as Mal de mar (sea sickness) can ruin your experience. Which cruise, ship and location of your cabin on the ship can help or hinder your experience.

India - Gulmarg, ski the Himalaya 
From NZ$ 550.00 per person

On the edge of the Himalayan Mountains lies a small town with a history of incredible skiing!  


Located 56km from the city of Srinagar, at the foot of the Himalayas, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Gulmarg is a ski resort of incredible backcountry, epic powder and fascinating culture.


There is one gondola used to access the top ridge (3,980m) of the range giving expert riders acres of inbound ski terrain and unlimited backcountry terrain. The grooming is limited, facilities almost non-existent, but the snow, guides and heliskiing in incredible.  

A short hike to the summit of Mt Apharwat (4,200m) opens up multiple bowls of powdery goodness. Starting with steep pitches which mellow to to beautiful tree glades, dropping into valleys where you can arrange a local taxi to get you home.


So if you want to ski something truly “out of the box” and have an adventurous spirit then this is the place for you!

We arrange fully inclusive tours to Gulmarg, have an excellent range of comfortable accommodation, with the opportunity to do your last night on Classic Dal Lake Houseboat. 

Stick with Mad about Travel, we only use the best operators in Gulmarg and will make sure you have a truly excellent experience. Our packages range from cheap and cheerful through to packages which include all your guiding and heli skiing.


Ski terrain: 10% Beginner | 20% Intermediate | 70% Advanced 

Vertical Drop: 1,330m

Base Elevation: 2,650m

Summit Elevation: 3,980m

6 lifts

Skiable area: unlimited

Longest Run: 8km +



Book a package with a guide for the whole duration of your stay! Once you get there and you decide you need a guide, it's too late there will be none available .

Get fit, the fitter you are, the more fun you will have! 

Kamchatka, Russia - Heli skiing in the wilderness!

Smoking volcanoes, steaming vents, stunning coastline, Russian culture and the cold war center of Petropavlovsk all make Kamchatka an intriguing destination.

Heli skiing is the main reason for powde rhounds to visit. From March to the end of June heli skiing happens on the flanks of some of the worlds most epic volcanoes. Vertical runs of 1,600m, with daily vertical tallies of over 8,000m are common.

Helicopters tend to be the venerable Mi8 Russian military workhorse, a sturdy, simple design which has stood the test of time. On “no fly “ days snowmobiles do the heavy lifting.


Kamchatka is a long way north and gets a huge amount of snow during their long cold winter, which is why they only ski in the summer. Accessed via Incheon and Vladivostok at Mad about Travel we use the best operators and book heli packages which include accommodation, transfers and skiing.


Ask us about our packages.



Come with an open mind!

Enjoy the schnapps and vodka.

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