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Image by Graham Meyer
Antarctica - Where the meaning of adventure lives on!

Skiing, hiking, sea kayaking, wildlife watching, Antarctica has it all. 

There are two main area’s of Antarctica accessible to the independent traveller.


1.The Antarctic Peninsula. 

This area is accessed from Ushuaia at the bottom end of Argentina.  You can join any number of small cruise ships from Ushuaia and traverse the relatively narrow Drake Passage to the peninsular. 


Once there, you’re in relatively sheltered waters and free to explore the many national research bases, view the wildlife or simply gaze at the glaciers and incredible scenery.

Activities range from skiing to sea kayaking depending on the type of cruise you’d like to partake in. Cruises can also take in the Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands and South Georgia (where Ernest Shackleton is buried). Talk to our Mad Travel Guru’s to find the best cruise for you!

2. Ross island, McMurdo Sound and the Ross dependency.

Visit Scott Base, McMurdo base and the historic huts of Scott and Shackleton.  A less frequent and much more serious journey.

This area is accessed from either Lyttleton or Hobart, Tasmania and entails around a 2 week journey on an ice breaker through the Southern ocean. Cruises often take in some of the Sub Antarctic Islands such as, The Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island and Campbell Island. 


Once down in the Antarctic the history, wildlife and opportunities to visit the bases are awesome.  Talk to our Mad Travel Guru’s to find the best cruise for you!


Book early and combine your trip with a South American adventure.

African Safari Sunrise
Africa - A continent of contrasts

There are so many adventures to be had in Africa these are just a few that MAD about TRAVEL can recommend. In our many years of travelling the world we have experienced many of these first hand.

Morocco - A diverse country with a diverse population. Take a tour that takes in the cities, S=souks of Tangiers, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and the Sahara Desert or combine your tour with a trek of the High Atlas Mountains where you will meet the amazing Berber people. Trek to the top of Mount Toubkal or do the big three week trek from Jebel Ouanakrim to Mount Atlas with spectacular views of the Sahara.


Kenya and Tanzania - Home to the Masai Mara, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater. Wildlife safari’s on the Serengeti, vibrant cities and the chance to climb Africa’s highest mountain. This part of Africa is aptly known as the cradle of life. You can even finish your trip with a beach break at Zanzibar.


South Africa - Southern Africa has a myriad of experiences to enjoy. Tour the back streets of Soweto and visit the Apartheid Museum. Explore the wonders of The Kruger National Park and glimpse the Big 5 ( Lion, leopard, Elephant, Rhino, African Buffalo). Take a tour down a working diamond mine in Kimberley and visit the Cape wineries. South Africa is an incredible country of contrasts to visit.


Botswana, Namibia - Home to the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert.  Botswana offers incredible wildlife experiences with a huge range of luxury and affordable safari options. Namibia contrasts Botswana beautifully as one of the driest countries in the world with the huge Namibia Desert, Kalahari Desert and the Skeleton Coast. As a German colony up to 1915 Namibia has an unique European flavour and offers amazing wildlife and cultural experiences.


Make sure you do a tour of Soweto if you visit South Africa.

nepal Prayer Flags
Nepal - Realm of Sherpa's and Tigers

Nepal, home to Himalayan mountains, lowland tropical jungles, incredible rivers and some of the friendliest people in the world.  If you want to experience huge mountains, bustling cities, Buddhist culture and a land incredibly rich in experiences and diversity Nepal has it all.

Trekking - Known to all for famous treks such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal has so much more to offer. There are a huge range of treks beyond the normal ones just ask our MAD Travel Guru's for help.

Whitewater rafting - Nepal has some of the best white water rafting in the world. Discovered in the early 80's by Kiwi and American raft guides, the industry has developed immensely since then and Nepal boasts some of the best raft operations in the world. Renown for epic multi day trips such as the Kali Gandaki River, The Sun Kosi and the Karnali. There are also day rafting trips

accessible from Pokhara. We only use reputable companies and can easily combine trekking with rafting

Jungle trips - Chitwan National Park is an oasis of warmth and humidity in a country of mountains. A world heritage site Chitwan covers 950km's and is home to a huge range of animals notably  

Rhino's, Elephant, Tigers and Sloth bears.  The Lodge we use is Tiger Tops, who have their own Elephant herd and run an interactive experience for guests. You will stay in a plush tent (with ensuite) and experience all that Chitwan has to offer.


Accommodation - Hotels, Tents, Mountain Lodges Nepal has it all.

Best time to travel - Pre monsoon/ spring March - June is a great time to go as you will see an abundance of mountain flowers blooming. the air can be hazy though as the monsoon approaches. Be aware the later you go the warmer it will be.

Post monsoon /Autumn is also a great tie to go as the atmosphere is incredibly clear and the views truly breathtaking. Be aware that as you go later winter approaches it can get bitterly cold in the mountains.


If you're going to do a trek hire a porter it makes life easier.

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