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NIUE - Paradise like no other. Crystal clear water, awe-inspiring landscapes & unforgettable adventures


Niue is known as “the Rock of Polynesia,” or simply “the Rock” with its gin clear water, caverns, chasms and swimming pools dotted around the rugged coastline it’s the perfect place to go diving or snorkelling.

Diving in Niue is easy, yet rewarding with an interesting mix of caverns, caves, pristine coral walls and drop-offs to explore. Whether you are a frequent underwater visitor or just starting out, your dives in Niue will be unforgettable. Niue's greatest feature is its incredibly crystal clear water unlike anywhere else in the world, with visibility that can reach up to 80 metres and rarely falls below 30 metres. Mix all this with a wide variety of friendly marine life and you have a dive destination that you will want to explore time and time again.


Snorkelling - Imagine being able to offer people the choice of small private beaches, swimming caves, coves and chasms where the likelihood of someone disturbing you is almost nil. Niue has dozens of these on offer for you to discover – and while you won’t be interrupted by people, you will be examined by the array of curious marine life!

From July to September the humpback whales and their calves arrive and there's also the chance to swim with Niue's resident spinner dolphins.



Accommodation - If you're after a resort, The Scenic Matavai resort is the best option. For those who want to self-cater, there are a huge range of options from small cottages to large 5 bedroom houses. If you're after a budget option there are large guesthouses which are incredible value 

Dive sites - The dive sites are located literally 5 minutes from the boat ramps. This means the time from briefing to splash is tiny! 80 plus metres of vis is common with caves swim throughs, large pelagics, sea snakes and critters seen on the edge of the drop off.  

Best time to dive - Niue can be dived year round, but by far the best time is whale season from July - September.

Other activities - Hiking, snorkling, exploring the limestone sea tracks, uga (coconut crab) hunting, eating fab seafood and local crafts and food.


- Sunday is a day for rest and church in Niue and not much is open until lunchtime. Have a lie in, go for a sneaky swim and then check out Washaway cafe in Avatele for lunch. It has awesome burgers and an honesty bar. The cove at Avatele has awesome snorkeling too.

- Make sure you check out Inu Hake Brewery, it’s craft beer and cider consists of intriguing local flavours, such as Niue honey lager, and a vanilla IPA.

- There are only a couple of rules to remember; never swim nude and don’t wear skimpy clothing or swimsuits in public; a couple of swimming areas are closed for just a few weeks each year to let unique fish spawn in peace, but there will be signposts to guide you.

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