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At Mad about Travel we just love our biking, whether it’s epic downhills at Whistler or a group trip cycling through Asia.

Below is a selection of trips we love, there are so many options available, so give us a call on 0800 623 872 or email and we can find your perfect bike trip.

BIKE VIETNAM - An unforgettable north to south cycling tour of vibrant Vietnam


More than 30 million Vietnamese can't be wrong - handle-bar height gives you the best view of Vietnam!


This cycling tour through this mesmerising country provides opportunities to meet the locals and experience their culture in a way that wouldn't otherwise be possible as we travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, down country lanes and over spectacular mountain passes. And, of course, all the exercise gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious Vietnamese cuisine



Style of riding - Cross country

Transport - Bicycle (e-bike option available, subject to availability), Support Vehicle, Boat, Overnight sleeper train, Taxi

Accommodation - Hotel (12 nights), Homestay (1 night), Overnight Sleeper Train (1 night)

Suitability for non riding partners - 0/10

Package - 14 night group trip


- Don't forget your helment and bike shoes.

- It will be hot, so drink lots of water

- Arrive a couple of days early in Hanoi to get over the jet lag

BIKE INDIA - Maharajas to Taj Mahal

This exhilarating journey starts in Bundi, a captivating little town which has more or less retained a medieval atmosphere, before making a 5 days bike hike to Bharatpur National Park, crossing an area of remarkable diverse flora, fauna and landscape.


The journey takes us along the Aravali mountain range (oldest mountain range in the world), dotted with tribal villages, cultivated fields, fascinating temples, dense forest, sandy deserts, and views of dramatic ruined forts.


This is a perfect adventure (some time off-road), with exhilarating ascends and descents, rivers, small lakes and a fascinating wildlife like Neelghai or Blue Bull ( India’s largest Antelope), Deers, Peacocks, and possibly Tigers!


This exciting adventure comes to an end Near the Red Sand Stone Buildings of the Greatest Mughal Emperor – Akbar, just short of Taj-Mahal ( A love story in Marble).

Some of the rides are quite demanding, so physical fitness is must!!!


Style of riding - Cross country, about 400 kms

Transport - Train from Delhi to Kota, bus & jeeps

Accommodation - Hotel (5 nights), Camping (4 nights)

Suitability for non riding partners - 0/10

Package - 10 day group trip



- You will need to bring your own bike, make sure you have good tread and brake pads.

- Take a small bike tool kit.

Make sure you have MTB specific travel insurance - we can supply this ask us about it.

BIKE VIETNAM & CAMBODIA - Ho Chi Minh to Angkor Wat Cycle, an unique encapsulation of the marvels of Vietnam and Cambodia


This unique itinerary takes us from the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City through traditional rural villages to the iconic temple complex of Angkor Wat.


The journey begins in fast-paced Ho Chi Minh City, which we leave behind for quieter back roads to the Cu Chi Tunnels and on into the Mekong Delta region, the ‘rice bowl of Vietnam’. A vast wetland expanse of floating markets, Khmer pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies and flooded forests.


Crossing through to Cambodia by boat, we’ll explore the highlights of Phnom Penh before heading north toward Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor. Discover the enchanting ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat by bike and experience stilted village life on the Tonle Sap, or Great Lake.


Style of riding - Cross country

Transport - self drive or bus transfer

Accommodation - 111 nights (hotel/guesthouses)

Suitability for non riding partners - 0/10

Package - 12 day group trip


- Bike are provided

- There is a backup vehicle available to give tired riders a break at any time
YOUR BESPOKE TRIP - Anywhere you like!

We can book a trip to anywhere you like, USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe - anything you like


It doesn't need to be mountain biking either!

We have cycle toured Malaysia, Europe, Ireland, UK.

Please enquire if you'd like to explore!

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