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Image by Vince Russell


Image by Todd Cravens
VAVA'U - Where the whales come to  holiday!  
From NZ$ poa  per person

One word that describes the diving in Vava’u is “AMAZING!”


With 61 coral and volcanic islands, which rise from iridescent waters, Vava’u is quite possibly Tonga’s best kept secret. The dive sites include wreck-diving, caverns and coral reefs. This location is also one of only a few places in the world where you can swim with humpback whales.

Vava’u is a paradise pure and perfect for those interested in diving, snorkelling, fishing and whale watching.



Accommodation - Vava’u has a huge range of accommodation from backpacker to spacious bungalows right on the beach.


Best time to dive - The waters are crystal clear with the visibility being as good as it gets in the Pacific all year round. If swimming with humpback whales is included on your “to-do” list, then time your trip between July and October.

Dive sites - There are over 50 islands in the Vava’u Group. Some of the notable sites include, The Clan McWilliam Wreck, Tu’ungasika, Kapa, Euakafa, Kitu Cave, Hunga Magic.

Other Activities - island tours, game fishing charters, yacht charters and as one of the Pacific's yachting destinations Vava’u has a good range of entertainment in Neiafu.

Package - 7 night packages including transfers and accommodation from NZ$ poa per person. Airfares are additional.

Diving with Fish
HA'APAI - Take a step back in time, to a simpler life.
From NZ$  poa per person

Unspoilt, uncrowded and ultimately a dive destination full of diversity.


Going to Ha’apai is like travelling back in time. Known for its coral reefs, big variety of fish life, clear waters and whales. Ha’apai has dive adventures hard to find elsewhere. Swimming with whales and other pelagic monsters, coral gardens, barrier reef drop offs and laid back resorts.   Ha’apai has everything you could desire in a dive holiday


The waters around Ha’apai are incredibly pure and clear. Normal visibility is between 30 – 40 metres and sometimes more. The resorts are suitable for families as well as hard core divers.


Accommodation - For those on a budget Matafonua Lodge has comfortable beach bungalows with shared facilities. This beautiful resort has everything you need.  Sandy Beach Resort is the choice for travellers after the comfort of ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. The price reflects the comfort.

Dive sites - Humpback Whales, Eden Rock, Benny’s Place, J-Caves, Hot Spring Cave, The Arch of Ofalanga.

Best time to dive - Ha’apai is amazing from March through to November. From July to October, humpback whales can often be spotted from the dive boat as these magnificent creatures migrate through Tongan waters to mate and calf.

Other activities - Whale watching and swimming with whales, rental bikes, kayaks are available. Ha’apai is a fantastic spot for kite surfing with warm constant trade winds, if you have gear, take it with you!


Package - 7 night packages including transfers and accommodation from NZ$ poa per person. Airfares are additional.  

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