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Divers Preparing for Dive


Scuba Oxygen Tank
LIVABOARD DIVING - Australia (Great Barrier reef),  Costa Rica (Cocos Island), Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Indonesia (Komodo), Micronesia (Truk & Palau).
From NZ$ poa per person

Liveaboard dive holidays are where you eat sleep, live and dive from a small ship or yacht.  The advantage of this type of dive experience is that it enables you to venture to remote locations and experience amazing dive sites. From distant reefs, and  island lagoons to hidden wrecks, reserves and marine encounters rarely seen. In most places you will be the only divers around for miles!

Remote locations

Livaboards simply get further from the crowd and stay there longer.

Multiple dives

You can expect to dive up to 4 or 5 times a day, plus a night dive. You only have to rig your gear for the first dive, then the livaboard staff take care of the rest. You simply hop on the tender and into the water. In between dives, relax, unwind and soak up the scenery.



Liveaboard diving is hassle free and easy. You don’t have to worry about carrying diving equipment to and from your accommodation. Livaboards have a dedicated crew to loOk after you and your equipment. This  means you can relax and feel like you are on holiday!


Live on the ocean

Wake up, watch the sunrise and go for a morning dive. After your night dive, fall asleep with the lull of lapping waves. You will bring home some amazing experiences.


Ask about our fantastic liveaboard experiences to Dive Australia ( Great Barrier reef), Costa Rica (Cocos Island) , Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Fiji, Indonesia ( Komodo Island, Raja Ampat), Maldives, Micronesia (Truk & Palau), Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and many more amazing dive destinations.

Package - 7 night packages including transfers and accommodation from NZ$ poa per person. Airfares are additional.

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