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New Zealand is one of the most amazing countries in the world!  The current climate means we have to explore our own home!

Below are several inspiring options, but if you can't find what you're looking for please ask us!

 Phil and Katie have travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and know our country intimately.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or have a trip you've always wanted to do but never knew if it was possible.   


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From NZ$ 7,849 per person

Discover amazing endemic wildlife, meet the locals and experience conservation in action as we journey through the incredibly-diverse archipelagos of the Chatham, Antipodes and Bounty Islands.The Chatham archipelago (made up of at least 12 islands, plus numerous islets) lies 870 kilometres east of New Zealand and runs 45 minutes ahead of the rest of the country. 


The islands rich history is unique, and it is only recently that these precious islands have begun to be understood and appreciated.

Visiting the Chatham Islands is not difficult, but this expedition is unique and rare, as it includes the seldom visited (and almost impossible to get to) outlying islands. Our journey is also guided by a team of Chatham Island experts whose knowledge will add another dimension to your experience.


Accommodation - 9 nights twinshare cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 7,849 twinshare includes all meals and most activities.

Dates -13 Mar 2021, 12 Mar 2022  departing Bluff, returning to Lyttleton.

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STEWART ISLAND DISCOVERY CRUISE - See kiwi’s in the wild, enjoy epic sealife and incredible wilderness!
From NZ$ 2,450 per person

Your experience starts in Bluff where you catch the ferry to Oban, where your Stewart Island Cruise begins. From Oban you get to explore the deeply forested hills, golden beaches and remote wilderness that make up the magical Stewart Island. There are many activities such as kayaking and regular excursions ashore to explore the landscape. The ship also stops at the predator free Ulva Island, where the bird life is simply stunning.


Accommodation - 4 nights twin share cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 2,450 twin share 5 day cruise, includes all meals and most activities

Dates - multiple, but very popular - book early

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DUSKY SOUND DISCOVERY CRUISE - Legendary Fiordland, in the footsteps of Captain Cook!
From NZ$ 3,250 per person

Discover the remote south-west fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sounds from the comfort of our purpose built small ship and at a pace that lets you connect with their rich and spectacular landscapes. With more than 350 islands, these incredibly beautiful fiords offer many idyllic spots for mooring and trips ashore.


Our 5 day Dusky Sound Discovery Expedition will also take you to Doubtful Sound, well known for its wildlife, including fur seals and a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins.


Cruise in the wake of Captain Cook on his historic 1773 voyage to seek out the hypothetical Terra Australis. With an on-board nature guide, great facilities and outstanding food prepared by our chef, you can be sure all your needs are well catered for. 


Accommodation - 4 or 5 nights twin share cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 3,250 twin share 5 day cruise, includes all meals and most activities, or 4 day cruise with helicopter transfers.

Dates - multiple, but very popular - book early

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PRESERVATION INLET DISCOVERY CRUISE - Explore 5 of the southern fiords by small ship.
From NZ$ 3,850 per person

Join us on an exploration of five of New Zealand’s southernmost and seldom visited fiords; Chalky and Preservation Inlets as well as the stunning Doubtful, Dusky and Breaksea Sounds.


Preservation and Chalky inlets offer remote wind-swept coastlines and grand sweeping beaches. These natural harbours have attracted whalers and miners from when they were discovered. Only a few traces of their attempts to tame the landscape still remain. You’ll experience the extreme isolation of this inspirational wilderness, its beauty, wildlife and fascinating history.


You will trace the route Captain Cook took during his historic 1773 voyage to seek out the hypothetical Terra Australis. During your cruise, you will land on beautiful beaches and spend time exploring the coastline via tender craft and kayak. View the island sanctuary set aside by New Zealand’s first conservationist Richard Henry and enjoy the rich wildlife you will encounter on the cruise.


With on-board nature guides, great facilities and outstanding food, all your needs are catered for against an awe-inspiring natural backdrop.


Accommodation - 7 nights twin share cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 3,850 twin share 8 day cruise, includes helicopter transfer, all meals and most activities.

Dates - multiple, but very popular - book early

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CRUISE THE FORGOTTEN ISLANDS - Explore remote, protected, subantarctic islands, a very special experience!
From NZ$ 7,300 per person

Joining our ship in Bluff, we voyage to the remote islands, The Snares, visit Carnely Harbour and Enderby Island in the Auckland Islands group, and Campbell Island. These remote, protected, unpopulated islands are UNESCO World Heritage sites and a very limited number of people are allowed to visit each year - why not be one of the privileged few!


Journey on the ice-strengthened ship, Spirit of Enderby, with 50 like minded travellers to these islands full of unique wildlife opportunities and be surprised by some of the colourful wildflowers and mega herbs that grow on these rugged landscapes. Explore dramatic coastlines by zodiac in search of endemic Snares Crested Penguins, Fernbirds and Tomtits. Walk the forests and hills of the Auckland and Campbell Islands, breeding grounds to Albatross, the endemic Campbell Island Flightless Teal, Snipe and more.


Accommodation - 7 nights twin share cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 7,300 twin share 8 day cruise, includes all meals and most activities

Dates - 23 December 2020 or 5 Jan 2021

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From NZ$ 35,937 per person

Departing Bluff, New Zealand, this Antarctica cruise takes you to isolated and rarely visited Ross Sea region of Antarctica, as well as exploring the Sub Antarctic Islands.

Traversing the formidable Southern Ocean, this expedition cruise gives you the chance to truly follow in the footsteps of an intrepid Antarctic explorers.  You will travel with crew that are experienced in the regions on the ice-strengthened ship Spirit of Enderby. Visit penguin rookeries, historic huts and sites and be wowed by icebergs, sea ice, whales, seals and bird life.


On the way to Antarctic, explore the remote sub Antarctic Islands. The Snares, Macquarie, Campbell and Auckland Islands have their own unique natural and historic profile. The Snares boast colossal populations of nesting seabirds, the penguin population of Macquarie Island is in the millions. Seals and elephant seals line the shores of Macquarie and Auckland Islands and countless sea and land birds fill the air with their chatter. On Campbell Island, explore the nesting site of the Southern Royal Albatross. Visit the Ross Sea area of Antarctica on this cruise and experience the continent as though you were alone. Infrequently visited by Antarctic cruises, the air is dry and cold here and the sun never sets. The ice is thick and vast and scores of seals, penguins and other seabirds patrol the horizon.


Accommodation - 1 night hotels in Invercargill, 28 nights twin share cabin . 

Package - NZ$ 35,937 twin share 30 day cruise includes all meals and most activities

Dates - 10 jan,13 Jan, 08 Feb, 10 Feb, 11 Feb.

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SPECTACULAR ROSS SEA TO THE ANTARCTIC PENINSULA - Spend a month exploring Antarctica, the trip of a lifetime!
From NZ$ 42,812 per person

Join us on this spectacular voyage from New Zealand to Ushuaia, at the bottom of Argentina (or vice versa!).  This incredible voyage takes in epic scenery and traverses the Southern Ocean and Antarctic coastline.

Along the way:


Campbell Island - a Sub-Antarctic Island belonging to New Zealand, fantastic for a multitude of Albatross species including, southern royal, wandering, Campbell, grey-headed, black-browed, and light-mantled albatrosses, along with plenty of penguins: the eastern rockhopper, erect-crested, and yellow-eyed penguins.


Macquarie Island - belonging to Australia, this island is full of fauna; there are king, gentoo, and southern rockhopper penguins, nearly one million endemic royal penguins, elephant seals and fur seals.


Ross Sea - this region of Antarctica is one of the most untouched environments in the world, perhaps we can visit the historic bases at Ross Island and you may be able to see Mount Erebus.


Peter I Island - claimed by Norway, an extremely remote and exposed volcanic island, if weather allows us to make a helicopter landing!


Polar Circle - cross the Antarctic circle.


Antarctica Peninsula - great wildlife, visit scientific and historic bases and stunning scenery.

Drake passage - cross the incredible Drake passage between South America and Antarctica.


This will sure be a month you will remember forever!


Accommodation - 32 nights twin share cabin. 

Package - NZ$ 42,812 twin share 33 day cruise, includes all meals and most activities.

Dates - 13 Jan departing Ushuaia to Bluff, 16 Feb departing Bluff to Ushuaia.